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Phinnean Research Group

Probing Beneath The Veil


  • Phinnean Research Group leads with a discreet yet expressive nature, idealistic and inspirational, driven with a strong inner urge to be of service in some way. Through our critical thinking, we lend professional opinions and facts sprinkled with a little common sense.

  • As research in the UAP field is consistently challenged by the media as a social stigma, some have a tendency to assume too heavy a burden to even be curious carrying a responsibility to be discreet in order to maintain ones credibility. 

  1. PCorp. offers a place for researchers with 'sensitivities' to be drawn to as one quickly realizes our understanding of the UAP stigma (being experiencers ourselves).. granting not only sympathy and comfort as well as constructive advice or assistance.

  • We are non profit and very generous in nature 

  • We love people, family, home and our friends

  • We work together to cultivate our assets; gaining the Facts Vs Fiction which help delineate between disinformation vs reality. 


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UFO Garage Podcast 8/5/21 

UFO Garage 2021-08-05 2021 - screenshot.png

Check this out -> 


Episode 1

(O - moo A' moo A')

A critical approach to Oumuamua and related comet

Episode 3

Russia With Love

Broken glass, everywhere...

Episode 2

Triangles Galore`

Triangles, Night Vision and our boys doing work with a .50 Cal


Beneath the veil

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Wild Videos

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Aliens off boarding their craft 6-20-21

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Traingle UFO captured on video

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