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Long time friends from Queens NY

Over the past 25+ years, JP and I have certainly stayed in touch. We met a while back in the catering business where we both were hustling side jobs in Queens NY to make an extra buck (and maybe even a trip to Miami - shhh) However as time goes on, we have both been creating beautiful families as well as being diligent building our careers..


 I live on Long Island with my beautiful wife and three kids as Does JP, his wife and not so little one!


Most recently and more specifically, on the 4th of July 2020, JP and I experienced and a UAP from two different eastern long island towns, East Islip and Merrick. We think it was the same exact one! and lets just say we couldn't believe it when we we compared our videos and notes. Ultimately, it was this serendipitous occasion back in 2020 that brought us back together to share our new hobby with you as good compadres should! 


Welcome to the Phinnean Podcast everyone and never forget to look up!


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