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Macrium Reflect 64 Bit License Key

The download agent is automatically configured for the computer it is running on. You will need to reconfigure it to reflect your target PC instead. Do this by clicking the Options button.

macrium reflect 64 bit license key


Note: This step is not necessary for the Free or Trial Editions of Macrium Reflect. When you run the installer on your target PC, instead of the automatic activation, you will be given an activation code. F95B-K9XV-8SZ in the example below. Navigate to the registration server on your online PC and enter your license key and activation code. Click 'Submit' and you will receive an offline key as shown below. Enter the Offline key in the install dialog to complete installation.

This tutorial covers the procedure for removing a purchased license key from one computer so it can be transferred to another computer, such as when a computer is replaced due to upgrading your computer or so it can be restored to the same computer after a major upgrade.

There are three aspects to removing your license key so it can be used in your replacement PC:1. Make sure you have a record of your license key(s). 2. Remove your license key and uninstall Macrium Reflect.3. Make a copy of Files needed for your new Computer.

Your license key was sent by e-mail when you originally purchased, if you cannot find it then before removing you license key do the following:Open Macrium Reflect in your old computer and in the 'Help' menu select 'About reflect...'. In the panel which appears is your: License No in the form: '01xxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx'where 'x' represents a number or letter. Record this, it is your Macrium Reflect license key. If you have Macrium Reflect Additions installed you will see:Additions No. in the form: '05xxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx'where 'x' represents a number or letter. Record this, it is your Macrium Reflect Additions license key.

Ensure there is a tick against 'Uninstall Reflect' and click 'OK'. Macrium Reflect will uninstall and your license key will be removed making it available to be used on your replacement computer or original computer after a major upgrade.

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